ISLAMABAD -  An award-winning journalist said he had escaped an abduction attempt after being assaulted by armed men in Islamabad Wednesday.

Taha Siddiqui, who won France's highest journalism award the Albert Londres prize in 2014, said he was attacked by up to a dozen men en route to the airport in Rawalpindi but managed to escape before being kidnapped, suffering minor injuries during the scuffle.

"Safe and with police now. Looking for support in any way possible #StopEnforcedDisappearances," wrote Siddiqui in a tweet posted on a fellow journalist's account.

He later said the attempt bore similarities to previous abductions by authorities, suggesting that "agencies" may have been involved. But he maintained he had no plans to leave Pakistan, and instead called on authorities for protection.

"I think the idea is to silence me," Siddiqui told a press conference. "I'm here. I'm staying put," he added.

Siddiqui, the Pakistani bureau chief of Indian television channel WION and who has reported for France 24, had previously complained of being harassed by authorities for publishing bold critiques of the country's security establishment.

Human rights and media groups voiced concern over the incident, saying the use of violence against journalists was troubling while criticising impunity for some attackers.

Amnesty International called the incident the "latest in a deeply worrying pattern of attacks on journalists in Pakistan".

"(T)here must be a clear and unequivocal commitment by the Pakistani authorities to end impunity for attacks on journalists," the rights group's Deputy South Asia Director Omar Waraich said in a statement.

Human Rights Watch country representative Saroop Ijaz also told AFP it reinforced "the fear that human rights groups and media organisations have voiced for a while now that the Pakistan government views violence as an instrument of dealing with dissenting voices".

The Rawalpindi Islamabad Union of Journalists said it had contacted Interior Minister Ahsan Iqbal "to direct the concerned officials to investigate the incident of attempted kidnapping of a senior journalist".