LAHORE - Punjab Government has identified land for relocating the mosque at Lake Road affected by the Lahore Orange Line Metro Train Project (LOMTP).

The mosque will be shifted to Bahawalpur Road behind PSO filling station, said Advisor to the Chief Minister Punjab Kh Ahmad Hassan while chairing the weekly progress review meeting on Wednesday. He clarified that not even a single inch of Punjab University’s land was being handed over to anybody else. Instead, the university administration had been requested to allow construction of mosque for public facilitation while retaining ownership of the land with itself. The ex-vice chancellor resigned because of his own reasons, he added. Kh Ahmad Hassan said that two more train sets have been dispatched from Karachi to Lahore. Another four train sets have been shipped to Karachi from China and will soon be sent to Lahore where five train sets have already been parked at Depot at Dera Gujran.

He told that mosque of Baba Mouj Derya tomb will be reconstructed as per the map provided by its management committee on its recommended location. Samaa hall and langar khana at the tomb will also be constructed, he added. No piece of land of the tomb will be acquired for the project and after boring the tunnel for the train, the land will be restored and handed over to the tomb.

The meeting was informed that that 81 percent of the civil work besides 35 percent electrical and mechanical work has so far been completed. Progress on package-I from Dera Gujaran, GT Road to Chuberji was 89 per cent, on package-II from Chuberji to Ali Town was 70 per cent, on Depot near Dera Gujran was 84 per cent while on Stabling Yard near Ali Town it was 85 per cent.  Twelve teams of CR-NORINCO were carrying out work for laying of track for the train and so far 43 percent work in this regard has been accomplished.