Rawalpindi - After four years of court battle, a local landlord got possession of his 110 kanals of land located at Adiala Road on Wednesday through court bailiff. According to him, the land was grabbed by a notorious swindler named Malik Ghulam Mehboob who enjoyed the support of a lawmaker from the ruling party.

The civil Judge Asim Hafeez has directed the bailiff to get the land vacated from the possession of Malik Ghulam Mehboob and handed over to plaintiff Sheikh Waheed.

Though the court bailiff along with police headed by Station House Officer Police Station Malik Rafaqat got the land vacated successfully, the swindler’s men created a fuss and accused the bailiff, police and the local landlord of storming the land on which he built a private housing society and harassing and ransacking the houses of residents there.

According to details, Sheikh Waheed, a resident of Kalyal, had filed an application with civil court through his lawyer in 2013 stating that a man named Malik Ghulam Mehboob had contracted a deal with him to purchase 110 kanals of land located at Adiala Road against a sum of Rs 150 million. He added that Malik Mehboob had paid him Rs 30 million as token money and signed a deed borrowing 8 months for the payment of remaining amount. However, the plaintiff told court that the second party failed to follow its promise and grabbed the land forcefully. The plaintiff argued Malik Mehboob not only built houses on his land with the name of Safari Enclave 2 but also sold them out to local people on high rates. Sheikh Waheed prayed to the court to order bailiff to get his land evacuated from the clutches of Malik Mehboob.

During the hearing of case, Malik Mehboob also appeared before judge through his lawyer but could not present the substantial evidences before court to prove his possession as legal.

Civil Judge Asim Hafeez, after hearing the arguments of both parties, had ordered the bailiff to hand over the land to plaintiff Sheikh Waheed and submit its compliance report with court. The court also ordered suspension of deed signed between two parties.

Following the court orders, the bailiffs along with police went to the housing society and got it evacuated from Malik Ghulam Mehboob.

Meanwhile, the inhabitants of private society and men of Malik Ghulam Mehboob accused Sheikh Waheed of storming in the private society along with armed men and resorting aerial firing there.

They also alleged that police and Sheikh Waheed’s men ransacked their houses and offices and threw the furniture on the road.

Sheikh Waheed, when contacted, rejected the allegations saying he was given his land back by a court bailiff following orders of a civil judge. He said he won the case from court of law and retrieved his land with legal assistance.

On the other hand, sources disclosed to The Nation that Malik Ghulam Mehboob has been enjoying alleged support of PML-N MPA Chaudhry Sarfraz Afzal. They said that Mehboob had involved in plundering money from innocent people in the name of giving them apartments and houses in his private housing society. A number of criminal cases have also been lodged against Malik Ghulam Mehboob in various police stations, sources added. “Malik Ghulam Mehboob also impersonates as a journalist of a local newspaper and has erected a sign board outside private housing society mentioning name of MPA Chaudhry Sarfraz Afzal as Chief Executive of the said paper apparently to save his skin from legal action,” sources added.

MPA Chaudhry Sarfraz Afzal, categorically denied any link with Malik Ghulam Mehboob. He said that the newspaper was purchased by Malik Mehboob along with Malik Zulfiqar and that he had no knowledge about why they had mentioned his name as CE on the mass-head of newspaper. MPA said that a jirga was also under his chair in the house of DSP Cantt Circle Raja Taifoor to solve the dispute between the two parties. “Malik Irfan, the brother of Malik Mehboob informed participants of jirga that he had paid Rs 190 million to Sheikh Waheed as the price of land,” he said.

He said that he was astonished as to why Sheikh Waheed came in the society with bailiff and police. MPA informed that another jirga would be held today (Thursday) to sort out the matter. 

SHO PS Saddar Bairooni Malik Rafaqat, said that police obeyed court orders by assisting bailiff in retrieving the land from possession of Malik Ghulam Mehboob and handing it over to Sheikh Waheed. He said that no inhabitant was terrorised by plaintiff in the process. 

Till the filing of this report, a heavy contingent of police was present in the private housing society to avoid any clash between the two parties.