“They sought our help, and we assured them that Pakistan is always ready to protect the Harmain Sharifain”

–The Foreign Office Official

During the Houti Rebels uprising in 2015, Saudi Arabia requested Pakistan to send a military contingent to the Kingdom. Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif took the issue to the parliament, and the parliament rejected the request unanimously. However, Pakistan did not shut the assistance door completely. Pakistani authorities affirmed that Pakistan would be the first one to protect the holy mosques and the royal family. Pakistan has a national interest in the stability in Saudi Arabia as the Kingdom is the workstation of more than a million Pakistanis who send billions of dollars to the home country in the form of remittances.

Houti Rebels have launched multiple attacks on the Saudi Arabia, including ballistic missiles. Pakistan’s policy of ‘benign neglect’ would be best in its national interest because it cannot simply confront Iran backed Houti Rebels.