LAHORE - Against the backdrop of a recent gruesome incident in Kasur district, the PPP has questioned the efficacy of 12 “notices” taken by the Punjab Chief Minister Shehbaz Sharif regarding as many incidents of rape and murder taking place in a single district in the last one year.

“Showbaz Sharif [Shehbaz Sharif] took 12 notices on 12 incidents [of rape and murder] in Kasur, but not a single culprit was arrested”, senior PPP leader Ch Manzoor observed in a statement.

He noted that Punjab Chief Minister was in the habit of merely taking notices of all the wrong happenings in the province only to project his better image in the public.

“What is the use of taking notices on such incidents of heinous crime if the victims cannot get justice as a result of Chief Minister’s intervention”, he asked.

The PPP leader also sought answers to four questions from the district police regarding the rape and murder incidents in Kasur district.

“Why the police failed to deliver even though the Chief Minister changed three DPOs in a year”, he asked, adding, that the police should have taken special measures to stop this crime. 

“What the police was doing at the time when 12 incidents of similar nature took place one after the other in one year?”, he asked, noting that the police knew that the culprits were targeting the same age group in a similar fashion.

Manzoor also asked why the area was not cordoned off and search operation launched after the surfacing of CCTV footage of girl’s kidnapping and keeping in view the fact that the body of the ill-fated girl was found in the area where she lived.

“Had the search been conducted, the abducted girls might have been recovered along with the culprits” he said.

He also questioned why the police was treating these incidents as routine crime despite knowing that a particular age group was vulnerable in a particular area.