ISLAMABAD -  Senior bureaucrats of different ministries have been directed to supervise working of their sections once in every six months amid reports of inefficiency on the part of their juniors, The Nation has learnt reliably.

According to Establishment’s notification, Secretary (or Additional/Joint Secretary In-charge) should endeavour to convene meetings of all officers in the ministry/division and heads of departments once a month and at any rate.

It said: “The competent authority has been pleased to approve that all deputy secretaries shall inspect the working of their sections once in every six months. Senior officers not below the rank of joint secretary to the government shall make similar inspection annually. Special attention shall be paid to compliance with the Rules 01- Business, secretarial instructions, standing orders and office directives.”

It said officers should check security arrangements, general office management and proper use and care of government property and equipment. The Secretary (or Additional/Joint Secretary Incharge) should endeavour to convene meetings of all officers in the Ministry/Division and Heads of Departments once a month and at any rate, once every quarter, to discuss important pending cases, specific problems calling for general expression of views or exchange of ideas and questions of general interest concerning the Division as a whole.

It also said that the deputy secretaries should hold periodical meetings with the section officers, all meetings shall be business-like, brief minutes shall be recorded mentioning only the salient points considered and the decisions taken and individual viewpoints should not be recorded except on request.

It also said that all papers sent for publication in the Gazette shall be signed by the secretary, or by an officer authorised by him. Officers authorised to the sign papers for publication in the Gazette shall sign under their own designations and not "for secretary". No papers, except those which it has been the ordinary practice to publish in the Gazette or which are required by law to be so published, shall be published without full consideration and without the approval of the Secretary in the Ministry or Division to which the subject belongs. No official shall, in any circumstances, give publicity to documents which might seem to reflect upon a superior authority or give assistance to the press in formulating adverse comments upon the orders or actions of a superior authority.

On the other hand, the Central Selection Board yesterday recommended the promotions of 33 officers of Pakistan Administrative Service in grade-21. The Board meeting was chaired by Chairman Federal Public Service Commission.