We as a nation find ourselves standing at the same juncture again; blatant proofs of how rampant child sexual abuse is in the country and the lack of action to eradicate such evils in the society. The body of Zainab lying in a dumpster in Kasur is a huge question mark on the laws in our society and their implementation. Especially since Kasur is the exact same place where child sexual abuse scandal surfaced and caused an outraged among the masses. We see the same pattern all over again.

The angst of the population pushes the authorities to take notice of the incident and they promise to bring the culprits to justice. However it has been four years since the news of Kasur scandal broke out and the families of the victims are still demanding justice for their children. In Zainab’s case as well, the same leaders are making promises to calm down the outraged public but the set precedent proves that justice is far stretched idea in this case as well.

Riots have broken out in the city of Kasur as a result of the incident but that was met with gunshots at the protestors. This is how we treat people seeking justice in the country. We will again see politicians using the incident for political point scoring but that will not culminate into culprits behind bars because they are protected by the influence of these very politicians. This is what the families have been highlighting over and over again. No parent should have to go through this and sexual predators like these should be held accountable and given the harshest of punishments, so that no one dares to do such a thing again. It is going to be highly shameful and a disservice to the life lost, if this becomes another case swept under the rug.