LAHORE - Punjab Chief Minister Shehbaz Sharif Wednesday criticised PTI Chairman Imran Khan and the political opponents for conspiring against the PML-N government to block development.

“We have revolutionized the health sector and on the other side, elements involved in sit-ins and lockdowns are desirous of destroying the revolution as the journey of public welfare is not tolerable to them,” the CM said while referring to Imran Khan in his address after opening the extension of THQ Hospital Raiwind from 60 to 100 beds.

“What is the objective of sit-ins, lockdown and agitations? Why are you unnerved over the revolution of prosperity being brought in by us? We are introducing a system that was envisaged by Iqbal and Jinnah but it has been hindered through sit-ins. No other conspiracy can be hatched against Pakistan than this one”, Shehbaz said in his tirade against the PTI chairman.

He said: “Political jugglers should refrain from their designs of befooling the nation otherwise they will be held accountable and the nation will never forgive them. What they have done in KP ? they just lied to the nation and  took U-turns. They said that they will construct hospitals and schools in KP instead of starting a Metro Bus but after the passage of four years, they have decided to start the metro bus project there. They have done nothing to get over power crisis”

He continued: “Niazi Sahib, you blatantly deceived the nation; lied and created anarchy. Now what face will you show to the people? You leveled allegations of corruption of billions of rupees to me and I took you to the court but you did not appear in it. Please appear in the court and if you prove the allegations of corruption, I will go home and you can replace me. Then you may tell lies and continue to take U-turns. You have been deceiving the nation by continuously speaking lies during the last more than four years.”

 “You claimed that you would plant a billion trees in KP but the reality is that a whole year is required to count such a big number of trees. You neither planted trees nor established any hospital there while we have established electricity generation projects of thousands of megawatts capacity in the Punjab. You are actually deceiving the nation while claiming to lead it.”

He promised Metro Bus operation in Peshawar in a year after coming to power in next election.

He counted his government feat, saying: “Punjab government completed electricity generation projects of 5000MW from its own resources and work is in progress on other projects as well. Talking to Minister of State Abdur Rehman Kangu and PML-N leader Siddiq Baloch at a meeting, the CM vowed to develop South Punjab.

He laid stressed on forging unity to cope with challenges being faced by the country.