Southern Loop 1 & 11 of Lahore Ring Road has been constructed by the Frontier Works Organization (FWO), and formally inaugurated by Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif on Friday. 

Construction of this 22.4 kilometers long road in a record period of one year has connected southern and northern parts of Lahore. More than 100,000 passengers would travel on this road which is 90 meters wide and has six lanes. For easy access to an important road of the provincial metropolis, many interchanges have been provided. 

Speaking on occasion, the chief minister said that the project had been completed under the public and private partnership which is the best way to move the country forward. We shall all work collectively to make the country stronger and prosperous. The project is a high example of quality, speed and construction standards, he has not just not only built roads but also developed magnificent institutions of health and education and wondered as to why he has been accused of taking interest only in road projects. 

The chief minister also gave credit to the incumbent government and ruling party leadership for construction of motorways across the country from which the people are reaping benefits richly now. 

It is good to note that the provincial government is continuing and completing projects of public welfare in record time. Ring Road’s Southern Loop has been connected with the Northern Loop, and solar lights have been installed at the important road of the provincial capital. Horticulture model has been developed in collaboration with brotherly country Turkey, Punjab Horticulture Authority is tastefully beautifying it. 


Lahore, December 23.