FAISALABAD-The University of Agriculture Faisalabad (UAF) on Wednesday opened one-day art exhibition, depicting the colours of eastern civilisation, behaviour and other areas of social life.

The expo was set up by students of MA (Fine Arts), Institute of Home Sciences, Faculty of Food, Nutrition and Home Sconces, UAF. The exhibition was inaugurated by UAF Vice Chancellor Dr Iqbal Zafar who was accompanied by Food Sciences Dean Dr Masood Sadiq Butt, Faculty of Agriculture Dean Dr Muhammad Amjad, Home Sciences In-charge Dr Ayesha Riaz and other notables. In the exhibition, more than 20 paintings were put on display that remained center of attraction for art lovers.

Talking to participants, the UAF vice chancellor said, “With the art work, we can promote the tolerance, love and peace in the society. In the west, art work is used as the tool to educate children so that they can understand old civilisation, and other areas effectively.

A painter, Iqra Bashir, said that her painting, the colour of life, was defined as a collection of inanimate objects arranged together in a specific way, exploring the symbolic and meaning of the colour of life.

Mahnoor Ikram said that she found love for traveling which is shown in her paintings. Sana Shabbir said that her work was based upon her poetry. “I see the world with an eye of optimistic. I have painted architecture of clock tower as a symbol of hope and optimistic,” she said.

Sehar Liaqat said, “I portrayed the history through my paintings which the society has neglected today.” She said her painting was a fusion of historical foundation and tradional Mughals miniature style. The other painter student, Mahnoor said that her work portrayed the world as chess board where all human beings are players and chess pieces too. A human perceived and defeated as chess piece by another human.

Sana Farooq said that her work revolved around an echo of anyone’s soul. Sidra Iqbal said that every individual had many aspects in personality. Some are visible and others are hidden. So I portrayed different perspective of my personality.