PESHAWAR  - The health workers of Mahal Terai Union Council Peshawar on Wednesday boycotted the polio campaign and warned to continue their boycott if their salaries were not increased as per the duty hours.

Members of the health workers community were of the view that they were doing 14-16 hours long duty during polio campaign but their reward is only Rs12,000 per month which does not suit with their long hours of duty in the campaign.

They said that the health workers community also doing a survey of pregnant women during the EPI immunization survey which is their additional duty without any payment.

They said that the association of community health workers has decided to boycott the upcoming EPI campaign as their demands were not taken seriously regarding the increase in their monthly package.

They alleged that health department was also not serious about their security during the campaign and they are feeling a sense of insecurity while doing duty in far-flung areas of Peshawar.

They demanded that government should implement their promise regarding their minimum wages as their existing 400 rupees per day is not match with minimum wage award of 500 as per the government policy.

They warned that if this trend of financial atrocities was continued against them, then no one could force them on duty and their boycott would also continue till increase in their salaries.

It is to mention here that unlike other salaries of EPI technician and lady health workers the salaries of the community health worker is below the limit announced by the government as per the laborer policy and that was the reason that they have decided to boycott their duty in the upcoming polio campaign.