Life is full of strange happenings, challenges and opportunities. When journey is arduous due to terrible storms in life, the most remembered people are those who stay and support during that turmoil. I would like start this year by remembering those who inspired and supported me, though not blood relatives, but some people become a part of family.

The foremost person who backed in writing next chapter of my professional life is Ahmad Imran. He deserves commemoration with respect and honor as he has comforted people in the hour of need. The person, who dwelled Pakistan beverage in top 32 markets globally in terms of fastest growing volume, is icing on the cake. The rise of titans can only be carried out by true leader, blended with values, culture and leadership skills. These values were witnessed during an event when he stood up from his seat, faced shop floor people, passed smile, clapped and said, “The efforts put forward by all of you generously for the profitable business is highly commendable.” As a chief of multinational organization sealed with power, but still humble and down-to-earth, is a rare combination in today’s world. His belief can be best re-counted as; “Be bold, think long term, synergize, work with purpose, throw yourself into passion and follow your dreams.”  

Being both strong and soft from inside is a combination very few have mastered; this charisma can be best seen in Ahsan Iqbal. He is the person who mesmerizes with his inspiring personality, intellectual thinking, positive mindset and problem-solving attitude. Putting economic resources in his hand, he has proved to be the superlative to accelerate development and sustainable business growth. Life in his words can be best narrated as; “I believe in working hard and having fun at the same time. It’s the way of life for me, and I feel tremendous!”

Another charismatic personality is Wali Ahmad. His openness to welcome opinion and ideas from staff is cherry on the top. Presence of smile, shine in eyes and optimistic personality makes him an outstanding person. His thoughts can be best narrated as; “Whenever you find yourself self-doubting as to how far you can go, just remember how far you have come, remember everything you have faced, all battles you have won, and all fears you have overcome.” Compassion, mutual support and solidarity are the essence of who he is. His vision made us aware of the reality and pushed us for new ideas which we used to overlook without a second thought.   

Another inspirational business leader, renowned as “Change” in multinational organization enriched with strong communication skills, precise tactics for supporting business, problem-solving attitude and bringing in change in a global matrix environment, is Hassan Adnan. He is the key catalyst who steered transformation in beverage industry, flourished women empowerment and drove youth development. His belief can be expressed as; “To exist is to change, to change is to mature, to mature is to go on creating oneself endlessly.”

The encouragement gained from family cannot be denied but if same is received from outside family, it encourages to excel in every field. Here comes Ishaq Butt who is a strong supporter, courageous leader, warrior and a stand-up person – certainly an alpha male. His philosophy can be best elucidated as, “Don’t talk instead act; don’t say just show; don’t promise but prove.”

Another imperative person is Dr Khalid Iqbal, although elder but still my best friend. I still remember while I was studying, I went to him saying I want to write in newspapers, though I was not a writer. Instead of highlighting difficulties and faults, he appreciated and encouraged me. His single gesture opened new avenues and horizons for me. His ideology can be best explained as, “Think big, believe big, act big and results will be ultimately big.”

Last, but not the least is Kiran Bhatti, who is a survivor of a life-threatening disease which devastates life on a heart-breaking scale. The way she faced and overcame it, was worth mentioning. An amusing young lady in her 30s who stayed positive, self-encouraged and faced all difficulties with a widespread smile on her face. As per her philosophy, “Your one smile can’t change the world, but your smile might be the only sunshine for others”

As we have very short span of life, so convey thanks to all those who have contributed in making life easy and fun loving. Thanks for never letting me down and accepting my endless gratitude.