LAHORE - Hailing the performance of the Directorate General Public Relations (DGPR), Punjab Minister for Information and Culture Fayyazul Hassan Chohan Thursday urged the officials to use latest trends in public relations and benefit from the new technology for effective communication of government policies and initiatives. 

Addressing a review meeting with the DGPR officials at Alhamra on Thursday, Chohan noted that the department’s energetic team had the potential to further enhance its performance by the sinews of hard work and dedication.  DGPR, Amjad Hussain Bhatti and other senior officials also attended the meeting.

The minister said the government was providing all possible resources including manpower and equipment to enhance the DGPR’s working capacity in the fields of print, electronic and social media.  He directed that a separate cell should be set up at the DGPR to use the social media as a communication tool. Chohan, however, made it clear that the proposed  cell must not act as a tool for any political party including the PTI as it should work professionally irrespective which party is in power. Underlining the need for a close coordination among different sections of DGPR, the minister urged the information officers to portray a positive image of the province through effective use of all forms of the media.

He said the PTI government believed in merit and supremacy of law. The information officers, he added, should play an active role to highlight and convey the PTI government’s vision at the grass-root level. “There will be zero tolerance for corruption and undue expenses.  Therefore, the officers should follow the policy of “less expenses more results” while presenting their proposals”, he observed.

Briefing the minister on department’s performance and functioning, DGPR, Amjad Hussein Bhatti said the officers and the other staff were putting in their best to fulfill their responsibilities despite limited resources.