Islamabad - The exhibition of mix media paintings by various renowned artists including Tahir Bin Qalander, Bilal Ahmad, Abrar Ahmad, Abid Khan, Mughees Riaz, Hajira Mansoor and Hussian Chandio, at gallery6 continues to attract the art lovers of twin cities of Rawalpindi and Islamabad. Having a Masters in Fine Arts from the University of Sindh, Hussain Chandio has been exhibiting his work in group and solo exhibitions. According to the artist’ statement, Chandio drew his inspiration from his surroundings. In this exhibition, he added that his subjects were Sindhi men and women in traditional dresses. Commenting on his work, the curator of the gallery Usama said: “Gallery 6 introduced Hussain Chandio to art lovers of the twin cities by putting his work on display for the first time, and the most interesting aspect about Chandio’s work is the movement in every scene. The scenes that he paints are not static; rather they all have people moving, whether it is on a motorbike, a tonga (horse drawn cart), boat or on foot.” Hussain Chandio prefers acrylics over any other medium. He balances out the overall feel of the painting by giving the appropriate breathing space to the compositions and using grey as a background colour to give depth to the bright vibrant dresses of the figures. All the techniques in his exciting aerial scenes show that the artist has painted not only with his hands but his heart as well, Usama added.

Tahir Bin Qulander, a son of Sufi sage, from Lahore, is an eminent Calligrapher of the generation who has emerged as an influence in the genre of Islamic Art. Through the bestowed gift of creativity God and his distinguished abilities, he not only stirs up the aesthetic sense of his audience but also gratifies their spiritual beliefs as well. His creative work is a milestone in the genre of calligraphy which is considered a crucial aspect of Islamic Art.

Hajra is one of the most sought after artists in Pakistan and her style is inspired by tradition combined together with modern artistic sensibilities. Hajra Mansoor’s artwork has delighted audiences in Pakistan and across the globe. Her themes are linked to the romance of the golden age inspired by traditional schools of Mughal Miniature art. Hajra creates a unique genre by introducing experimental nuances into the work with contemporary media techniques, rhythmic flow of her brush strokes and decorative elements rendered in a transparent luminosity, hold a universal appeal. Hajra Mansoor does not use models for her paintings; she derives her inspirations from Asian ideals of beauty and focuses on promoting and enhancing them by exaggerating the features like big, coloured eyes, very clear skin with a tinge of pink and delicate lips along with articulating hand gestures. Hajra has been regularly exhibiting her solo exhibitions every year since 1963. She has held exhibitions in all corners of the world including Bangladesh, India, China, Japan, Turkey, Iran, France, England, Germany, Hong Kong, Tokyo, Mumbai and America. She shifted to Islamabad and is currently working in her own studio.

Mughees Riaz completed his BFA (Bachelors in Fine Arts) in 1997 and went on to do his MFA (Masters in Fine Arts) in 1999. After completing his degree with distinction, the love for landscape and Ravi River became his mark of identity. By 1998, Mughees started to participate in group-shows and since then, he had been displaying his work regularly in the exhibitions of the Artists’ Association of Punjab. He also won many prizes and awards of the Young Artists Association that he started participating in since 1994. Mughees took part in many international exhibitions and represented Pakistan with his matchless frames. Many national and international art critics have put their thoughts in black and white for the art of Mughees Riaz.