As we all know child abuse ratio is increasing day by day. It becomes important for us to understand and reduce the risk of abuse for our new generation and make sure to familiarize them with the sign of abuse. Majority of child abuse cases are followed by physical and sexual abuse. According to research it have suggested that upto one in four girls and one in eight boys will be sexually abused before they are eighteen years old.

There are different kind of child abuse like emotional abuse, child neglect, physical abuse and sexual abuse. We must have to notice our children attitude, their activities and the most important thing which parents must have to do is to develop a friendly relationship with their children. They should spend maximum time with their children when they are at home. Parents must give their children basic education about sexual abuse. Children should know about which is good for them or which is not. They must differentiate between a good touch or a bad touch.

Parents should take care of their children. They should how to treat their children. Try to build a trust worthy relationship with their children. This is the need of hour to give some basic education to our new generation about child abuse to reduce the ratio of child rape cases for this purpose our parents and teachers must join their hands to remove such type of cases from our society.