KARACHI            -            Cloudy weather and drop in mercury, between nine degrees and 15 degrees Centigrade persisted in Karachi almost throughout Friday with a brief lull during noon -also for a while in afternoon.

This was further aggravated due to cold wind blowing at a speed of 27 Kilometers per hour turning many to remain indoor and also not to send kids to schools.

Many of the Karachiites otherwise quite adventurous, but little acclimatized to winter harshness, preferred to keep it a lean day and restrict their hectic routine.

There was not only very low attendance in many of the schools but commercial centres also presented an almost semi- deserted look.

Shops were open but not with many around to help with business. However, regular rush at eateries and even road side stalls/ push carts was witnessed.

Those offering soups, peanuts and other traditional food items were actually thronged by food lovers.

According to Meteorological Department’s Karachi office the cold wave may persist for another few days but with little chances of showers.

Doctors have advised citizens not to ignore that prevalent weather demanded people to be careful and cautious so as to avoid different health conditions.