KARACHI-DarrKhuda Se, written by SarwatNazir and directed by AnjumShehzad, has aired 31 episodes so far and has kept the audience’s attention throughout. It has been on track since episode 1, building intensity, curiosity, and anticipation as to how it will finally come to an end.

Abdullah Kadwani and Asad Qureshi’s DarrKhuda Se is a 7th Sky Entertainment project starring Sana Javed as Afreen, Imran Abbas As Shahwaiz, and KiranHaq as Tamkeen. The drama revolves around work harassment and all the troubles associated with this issue.

Tamkeen has been in her mother’s home, waiting for Shahwaiz to come with apologies. We know for a fact that Shahwaiz’s character is made to be arrogant, who would never come back to take Tamkeen back home, but in this episode, we see Shahwaiz doing the unexpected. He comes home to take Tamkeen upon which she demands that he either get her a separate house or remove Gul from the house.

Afreen overhears this argument and watches Shahwaiz storm out of the house when Tamkeen refuses to go back home with her.

Upon questioning Tamkeen, she tells Afreen everything and also tells her not to worry because she knows how to handle Shahwaiz.

This particular scene was intense, and it made us all wonder why Shahwaiz would come back for Tamkeen even though he has no strong feelings for her. Maybe he does have an upper plan hidden behind this. We will find this out in the upcoming episode.

As for Afreen’s life, Raza, as played by HammadFarooqi, has come as hope in her life, trying to find as much time as possible to stay with Afreen and making his intentions clear about his affections for her. Fariya Sheikh, as Seema is adding the much-needed spice in their romantic tale, which was clearly needed. So Seema comes as the antagonist who has fallen in love with Raza. Raza, on the other hand, is a sincere, thoughtful, and straightforward kind of person who sees Seema as a cunning girl and likes Afreen’s innocence instead.

Seema’s constant tricks to come closer to Raza have failed miserably in the last episode, in this episode, everything comes shattered as Raza tells her loud and clear that Afreen is pure.

This makes her furious, and she promises to prove to Raza that Afreen is, after all, not what he thinks her to be.

The more she thinks about it, the more persistent she becomes in destroying Afreen’s innocence. The audience can already make the connection by this time that Seema will contact Shahwaiz for help, which he will gladly accept to do.

The drama is on another level of intensity. Afreen&Raza have developed feelings, Seema is on her way to destroy their love, Shahwaiz is waiting for any chance to get Afreen, and Kashif is haunted by his guilt. What is going to happen next? We can’t wait to find out.