karachi                -            Chief Justice of Pakistan Justice Gulzar Ahmed has said that airport in Pakistan have become a place of all crime deals.

The chief justice, heading a three-member Supreme court bench, gave these remarks during the hearing of a case of cruelty to passengers at the Islamabad airport.

Additional Director instead of DG Civil Aviation appeared in the court, over which the court expressed its displeasure.

During the hearing the court said that the way the Islamabad airport constructed, will collapse any day.

When the court asked the Additional Director about the facilities to the passengers, he failed to satisfy the court.

On this the Chief Justice said. “It’s not your job to take a huge salary only, if you do not know; why you came here then.”

The Chief Justice remarked that airports have become a very dangerous place for illegal foreign currency and drugs smuggling.

The Chief Justice said passengers lying on the ground at the airports, court aware of how the Civil Aviation treats them. The court summoned DG Civil Aviation.