ISLAMABAD               -          The ministry of law and justice is giving final touches to the summary to be submitted in the Supreme Court about all amendments relating to the extension in the tenure of services chiefs of the armed forces passed by the Parliament.

According to informed sources a summary is being prepared by the Ministry of Law and Justice to be filed soon in the apex court about the legislation carried out in the light of Supreme Court directives.

However, despite repeated efforts, it could not be immediately confirmed from the Attorney General Office or the ministry which has already filed a review petition against November 26 verdict of the apex court.

In a related development, President Dr. Arif Alvi has already approved all amendments pertaining to the extension in the tenure of services chiefs of the armed forces (Army, Navy and Air Force).

All three amendments have officially become law after the president’s signature.

On Wednesday, the Senate of Pakistan approved three separate bills regarding the appointment, reappointment, and tenure of services chiefs, including the country’s powerful chief of army staff.

The bills were tabled by Defense Minister Pervez Khattak in the upper house proposing amendments to Pakistan Army Act 1952, Pakistan Air Force Act 1953 and Pakistan Navy Ordinance 1961.

The new legislation gives the president of the country power to re-appoint or extend the existing tenure of the tri-services chiefs and the chairman of the joint chief of staff committee upon the prime minister’s advice.  It also ensures that courts cannot challenge such tenure extensions in the future.

“Notwithstanding anything contained in this Act or any other law, or any order or judgment of any Court, the appointment, reappointment or extension of the Chief of the Army Staff, or the exercise of discretion by the appointing authority in this regard, shall not be called into question before any Court on any ground whatsoever,” the amendment bill reads. The three bills were proposed after Pakistan’s Supreme Court’s verdict of November 26 giving the Parliament six months to give legal cover to Army Chief General Qamar Javed Bajwa’s three-year tenure extension granted by the prime minister on August 19, 2019. 

The apex court had cited procedural irregularities and loopholes in relevant laws thus suspending General Bajwa’s extension on August 26 but later announced that Bajwa could remain the army chief for another six months during which the Parliament would legislate on army chief’s extension or reappointment. 

On Tuesday, Pakistan’s National Assembly had also approved the said bills with thumbnail majority.