Illiterate is not only if you didn’t go to school. Illiterate is when the lecturer teach you and you didn’t understand his formula of teaching. That’s also an illiterate. We call ourselves literate, But we are those who are in a well reputed college shuttle bus and throw trash through window from a moving bus. We are those who are showing discourtesy and having boisterous nature. If you don’t know how to help someone in need, if you don’t even care of the planet you live in, what’s the point of your literacy? We are those who still waste water, electricity and time despite of knowing their importance.

We are those who still judge people by their caste, creed, color, religion or region. We are those illiterates who cannot give our seat to an elderly person and argue that why should we stand when we came first. We are those illiterates who drop our parents to old age homes because they seem burden to us. We are those who don’t give space to the ambulance and think that our work is more important than someone’s life. We are those who cannot control our mind and anger. If all that we spread is hate, if we’re least bothered about social, political and economic issues around us, care for our society? Are we even educated?

Education is learning and growing rather than a literate tag. It is possible that a person who never went to school and does not know how to speak English, be smarter, more creative and more literate than a person who has a degree and a piece of paper to prove his education.