Pakistan has been ranked 83rd in a global list of "the best countries to do business with". This improves Pakistan's position as it has risen 10 places from being 93rd last year. The list has been compiled by reputable international business magazine Forbes. All this is due to the prudent economic policies adopted by Musharraf since he came into power. During his eight years, many improvements have taken place. Privatization of the banking sector and renewed access to global markets have generated a macroeconomic recovery. Foreign investors have also made investments in the telecom and other sectors. Pakistan experienced GDP growth in the 6-8 percent range in 2004-07, spurred by gains in the industrial and services sectors. Poverty levels have decreased by 10 percent since 2001, and Islamabad has steadily raised development spending in recent years, including a 52 percent real increase in the budget allocation for development in FY07. Now steps have to be taken by the present government to ensure that our pla ce in the world of business improves further. -SADIA BUTT, Peshawar, via e-mail, July 2.