Prime Minister has renamed Murree Road, RGH and Islamabad Airport all after Benazir Bhutto. Plus he has promised an 'international standard' monument at the site of her assassination as a birthday tribute to her. It sounds as if the Prime Minister is treating Pakistan as a private property of the Bhutto family. Holy Quran authorizes only the heirs of murder victims to condone death penalty and no one else. The Prime Minister's call for remission of death penalty for all on death row is also in violation of the constitution. I hope the President will consult the Council of Islamic Ideology before approving the PM's recommendation. Renaming Murree Road amounts to belittling of the great leader and disregarding of over 100 years of historical, educational, official and judicial documents. Countless area maps and tourism brochures also have the name inscribed. In fact, some new project of great public welfare in a downtrodden area such as Talagang, should be named after her. -MALIK FATEH KHAN, Talagang, via e-mail, June 30.