ISLAMABAD  - In a bid to overcome prevailing power crisis in the country, the government has decided that all new gas explorations would be given to power sector on priority basis to generate more and cheaper electricity. Spokesman and Director General Pakistan Electric Power Company (PEPCO) Tahir Basharat Cheema told PTV Thursday. He also underlined the need of adopting integrated approach to meet the growing demand of electricity in the country. He highlighted the importance of improving alternative energy resources including hydel power, wind energy, solar energy and Thar coal projects to end load shedding from the country. The PEPCO spokesman expressed the hope that load shedding would hopefully end from August 14, 2009, while sustainable power sector would be ensured by end of 2009. He said PEPCO was evaluating performance of the power sector on day to day basis to meet the set targets in time. Under the energy management programme, he said a strategy was also being followed to convince cellular companies operating in the country for switching over their communication towers to solar energy. Communication towers are consuming about 200MW electricity across the country. Similarly, huge advertising boards would also be shifted on solar power system, Tahir Basharat Cheema added. He said several projects were in pipeline to install more power plants in the country by April 2009, which would generate 2200MW electricity, while by the end of 2009 1500MW more electricity would be added. To a question about load shedding, he said as the water situation in reservoirs would improve it would start reducing gradually.