LAHORE - Thursday was another 'bad day' for the motorists when thousands of vehicles remained struck on the roads especially The Mall and the Jail Road due to protest demonstration by the lawyers as well as the VVIP movements. The worst traffic mess was witnessed on The Mall and its adjoining roads including the Jail Road, Shahra-e-Fatima Jinnah, Mozang Road, Davis Road, Lytton Road and some other roads. The motorists who remained stuck for hours on The Mall and other roads on Thursday expressed their strong reservations as traffic blockage have become constant source of trouble for them especially on The Mall and adjoining roads being the hub of political activities, rallies and protests. It has been learnt reliably that the main reason of the worst traffic mess on The Mall was mishandling of the traffic by the wardens who had no plan of alternate routes. The situation further deteriorated due to VVIP movement of President Pervez Musharraf who was in the City on Thursday. The Mall road was blocked from both sides when the lawyers took out a rally from Lahore High Court to Punjab Assembly Hall. In order to maintain law and order situation, the traffic wardens blocked all the main and small roads, leading to the Mall, for traffic by setting up barriers. Heavy contingent of the police was also deployed to guard the rally of the lawyers. The wardens diverted the traffic to the small roads saying the motorists to adopt alternate routes. Interestingly, the traffic wardens deployed to manage traffic plying on The Mall Road and other adjoining arteries, had no plan of alternate routes which doubled the miseries of the motorists. Due to mismanagement on the part of the traffic police, the motorists had no option other than to find their ways themselves to reach their destinations. Many of them got struck on some small roads which were already crowded with the traffic causing serious problems to the traders, local residents and other people. The blockage on the Mall also badly affected the traffic situation on the Jail Road, Lahore Canal Road, Ferozepur Road and some other parts. It is also learnt that a hour after the end of lawyers' rally on the Mall, the wardens blocked the one side traffic on the Mall Road from Punjab Assembly Hall to Governor's House for at least a hour due to VVIP movement.