OUR leadership's penchant for choosing venues for talks other than their own country does not reflect well on their sense of judgement nor the attitude towards the nation. At present, the PPP's top brass is in Dubai and Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani is meeting party Co-Chairman Asif Zardari and Chairman Bilawal Zardari-Bhutto. According to reports, the PPP leadership would then come face to face with the PML(N) chief Mian Nawaz Sharif in London in a meeting which is expected to be the final round of negotiations held between the two parties over the issue of judges' restoration. Earlier when the Musharraf regime had exiled the country's top politicians, the logic of London talks was understandable but their absence at this crucial hour would certainly provoke many to question their sincerity to the electorate. The argument generally being extended in favour of these get-togethers out of the country is that the security situation at home is not favourable. Another one is the possibility that the intelligence agencies might be eavesdropping, but then that suggests the acceptance on the part of the government of the failure to subdue the establishment. In tough times like these, it is incumbent upon the people's representatives to stay in their country and avoid making unnecessary sojourns overseas. Such trips abroad furthermore tend to widen the political vacuum already prevailing. There appears to be a perception in public circles that it is a free-for-all with a lack of ownership of the state of affairs on the part of the set-up. What is more, the coalition government's first hundred days are over without anything worthwhile accomplished and things don't seem to be moving ahead. The people seem to be losing their cool. Needless to say, if the situation remains the same, their pent-up emotions might find an outlet in the APDM's appeal for a countrywide movement against inflation and the judicial crisis, or for that matter in the legal fraternity's call for another Long March.