PESHAWAR - A physician from Islamabad was found dead in uninhabited area near Asadkhel village in Dosali Tehsil of North Waziristan Agency in early hours of Thursday. According to officials, some tribesmen sighted a cardboard made coffin in a nullah near a roadside. They informed the elders and personnel of Khasadar Forces in Dosali town and Asadkhel village. The elders along with officials of administration and personnel of the Khasadar Forces rushed to the site and took the dead body into custody. The unknown assailants had written remarks regarding the killed person, Dr Farrukh Aftab, over the coffin, stating him as "Enemy of Islam and jihad, follower of European countries and working for Non-Government Organisations." The unknown assailants had shot on the chest of Dr Farrukh Aftab who belonged to Islamabad. The assailants had also written complete address and identity of the killed physician over the coffin along with his residence telephone number. Later, the dead body was transported to Miranshah headquarters of North Waziristan Agency and onward to Islamabad. It may be mentioned here that for the first time the alleged militants have shot dead a person from outside the tribal areas. For the last several years, a large number of tribesmen and Afghan nationals are being killed and assassinated on the name of "spying for army or US forces" or working what they called against Islam and Jihad.