INDIA lambasted Pakistan for trying to strike a deal with the local Taliban militants, saying such 'bargains' were detrimental to efforts in defeating terrorists in war-ravaged Afghanistan, reports Indian media. Vowing to redouble its efforts to help Kabul as a response to Monday's bombing of its embassy there, New Delhi's UN Ambassador Nirpuam Sen informed the Security Council in a hard-hitting address that those who perpetrated that act and those who train and protect them and enable them to commit horrific acts of violence are no better than criminals. He said India would not yield to those who indulge in these 'barbaric acts' and to those responsible for the 'greater villainy of sheltering and enabling terrorists'. The Indian envoy said the international community cannot afford to slacken its resolve or efforts in combating the forces of terrorism; extremism is a crime wherever, and in whatever forms these groups may take. In a veiled attack on Pakistan, he warned Islamabad against sending mixed signals through 'bargains for a temporary local peace while the rest of us contend with the consequences of such a deal'.