KARACHI - Chairman Pakistan International Airlines Ejaz Haroon said that a change of mind-set is inevitable in the Civil Aviation and Immigration to provide better services to air travelers, attract travelers from Asian countries and extend scope of operations of the national flag-career. PIA Chairman stated this in his maiden meeting with the Karachi-based editors of the newspapers and the heads of the electronic media. He sought media's advice and help to uphold the cause of the national airline and to highlight major problems being confronted by PIA. "Whenever we ask Civil Aviation authorities to provide specific services, they look into our request with awkward feeling and tardy approach," said the chief of the PIA. Unless and until a change of mind-set is not brought into the ranks of the CA and the Immigration authorities, PIA would not be able to achieve the desired results regarding the provision of services to travelers and expansion in operations within the country, he added. To a question about frequent delay in PIA's domestic flight from Karachi to Quetta, Ejad Haroon said that the CA had not installed the required instruments/equipment at the airport that ensure automatic landing of the flight. The PIA had taken up this issue with the CA authorities, but God knows better when they would install the equipment, he said. He explained that during bad weather manual landing at Quetta airport, surrounded by sky-high mountains, could prove very risky. To another question attracting the Asian countries travelers, particularly those belonging to India and Bangladesh, he said that the Interior Ministry was not willing to provide multiple entries to the travelers of these countries, who could be offered air-traveling. He said that PIA was ready to bring the Indian and Bangladesh nationals from other countries, but for this purpose the travelers would have to be provided multiple entries so that they could see Karachi and meet their near and dear ones here for a couple of days or more. Mr Ejaz said the Interior Ministry wanted to offer only single entry that mean the travelers having return tickets would not be given the incentive of multiple entries. Similarly, he also pointed out that the Immigration officials treat the Indian and Bangladeshi nationals with contempt at the airport that keep the travelers away from PIA, except those poor travelers who cannot afford to travel to expensive international airlines. He also said that the lack of space at Quaid-i-Azam International Airport, Karachi, was another major hurdle in offering transit flights to the air-travelers belonging to India and Bangladesh. "If we bring Boeing carrying 300 or 350 passengers, we don't have space at the airport to welcome the passengers during their transit stay here," he regretted. He said the airline had appointed Indians as its booking agents to attract the Indian nationals. Traditionally, all over the world where the PIA operates, only the Pakistanis were appointed as booking agents and there was no concept of hiring Indians, Bangladeshis or other nationals. During my recent meeting with agents abroad, I convinced them that the national flag career is going to appoint Indian and other countries nationals as booking agents to promote the business of PIA, he said, adding that initially the agents opposed this idea, but I convinced them that it was imperative to keep the airline active in the global competition. Ejaz Haroon also pointed out that the airline was negotiating a business plan with the federal government to expand its fleet, improve financial health and overall business.