MICHELLE Obama isn't the only member of the Obama family willing to tweak the presumptive Democratic nominee publicly. In an interview on the show Access Hollywood, Barack Obama's 10-year-old daughter Malia described how when one of her friends visited their house, the Illinois senator greeted the friend like a voter in Iowa. "You really don't shake kids' hands that much, you shake adults' hands," 10-year-old Malia said she told her father."...You just wave or say hi." The candidate admitted, "She basically avoids me embarrassing her by giving me these tips. Especially when I am around her friends." The interview, conducted last week while the Obamas campaigned in Montana, was one of the first in the campaign in which the candidate allowed the press to talk to his daughters. While seven-year-old Sasha said little, Malia noted how interesting it was seeing her mom in People magazine. "I saw that magazine and I was like 'Oh Mommy, you're in this," Malia said, "because I've never seen Mommy in that. I usually see people like Angelina Jolie." "Real important people," her mom interjected. "Real important people," her daughter repeated, and looked up at her mother to add "no offense." Later in the interview, Michelle Obama poked fun at her husband's fashion sense, saying "I think it's funny he's involved in this fashion icon stuff. These pants, he's had for probably about 10 years." "And that belt," Malia added, leading the interviewer, Obama's wife and his daughter to all join in making fun of his pants and belt. The candidate admitted he doesn't have perfect sense, adding "I hate to shop." While the interview, due to air the next few days on television and already airing on the web, made little major news, the candidate said he regretted allowing an interview with children, who have generally been kept off-limits from reporters during the campaign. He said he had a "little bit of pause" as he had watched parts of the interview on television and would avoid having his daughters interviewed in the future. "I think we got carried away a little," Obama said Wednesday on ABC's Good Morning America.