ISLAMABAD - National Traders Alliance (NTA) and other associations here on Thursday announced to unconditional support the strike call announced by Faisalabad Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FCCI). NTA termed the strike of FCCI in the larger interest of the masses, industrialists and traders. They lauded the support offered by various chambers to FCCI and called upon other chambers and associations to support the move to safeguard businesses and rights. Vice President NTA Malik Sohail Hussain said that government was disappointing the people by shaking their faith in democracy. He said that law and order situation was deteriorating and businessmen were issuing strike calls but the government was not taking interest in those issues. "Record shows that not a single country has moved forward while following the pieces of advice from IMF and World Bank," he said adding that the situation was so worsening that no international institution seemed willing to lend any money to Pakistan. Munawar Iqbal, President Pakistan Computers Association and Vice President Islamabad Chambers of Commerce and Industry (ICCI), said "Textile, glass, tourism and almost all the sectors are daily appealing to the government for any relief package but no one is paying heed to them." Sohail and Munawar lamented that the Finance and Commerce Ministers were not available to address the issue of business community. They warned the ruling coalition not to sit in London and Dubai for resolving party problems but to come to Pakistan and resolve issues of masses or face the people who had mistakenly voted for them. They suggested the government to look beyond petty disputes.