It was disappointing to read the results of the elections of Old Ravians Union for 2008-10; held a couple of days ago. Kamran Lashari, chairman CDA Islamabad has once again succeeded in getting the slot of president, this time unopposed. Lashari is a good old Ravian and I have no grudge against him. But I am at a loss to know that the Ravians failed to unanimously find out someone from amongst those available in Lahore. Way back in early seventies; the Old Ravians Union in Rawalpindi-Islamabad had requested prominent scientist Dr Munir Ahmad Khan chairman Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission to be its patron and Aslam Azhar Managing Director PTV to be its president. The entire executive council was elected through consensus vote. Why can't that example be followed here in Lahore where there is no dearth of distinguished illustrious old students of Government College Lahore. We do have heavy weights like S.K. Mahmood, Nisar Ahmad Cheema, G.M. Paracha, Pervez Masood, Shamshad Ahmad Khan, Professors M.A. Khan and R.A. Khan and veteran journalist and champion of Pakistan movement Majeed Nizami. There are several others who brought laurels to the college as students and later in practical life. A president could be unanimously selected from their list. -JAVED AHMAD MALIK, Lahore Cantt, July 1.