KARACHI - The ongoing operation of the law-enforcement agencies in Lyari Town against notorious gangs proved fruitless as no criminal could be arrested after the elapse of four day. On the other hand, displaced families in the area feared that the criminals could strike back against the innocent citizens, The Nation was told here on Thursday. The law enforcement agencies have failed to eliminate gangs through the so-called operation. Police claimed to resettle 300 displaced families in the affected areas but residents have shown anger over the one-sided operation. They claimed that displaced people had returned just to collect their valuables form their homes. "We know that forces will be called back from the area and gangster return as the LEAs have failed to arrest any criminal belonging to the gangs" the residents said. They added that If it was a real operation than why notorious criminals were not arrested and allowed to escape. The joint operation is being conduced by police and rangers, in which finally the security personnel entered the sensitive localities of Lyari including Kalri, Ahmed Shah Bukhari Road, Edu Line, Zikri Muhalla and adjoining areas and took control of the criminals' hideouts. The law enforcement agencies claimed to have provided security to the local people but the residents were not satisfied because they knew the gangsters would return as soon as the security personnel leave the area. Sources told that forces had launched operation in the area but failed to eliminate gangsters because of the political influence. They further said that Zikri would strike back if the operation was not started against his rival group named Rehman Dacoit Gang. Meanwhile, DIG South Zone Iqbal Mehmood claimed that no-go areas in Lyari have been evacuated from the possession of notorious gangsters while the displaced residents have started returning home. Addressing a press conference in Lyari, he said that due to excellent efforts of law enforcement agencies, no-go areas of Lyari have been eliminated and the residents have started returning to their homes after improvement in law and order situation. He said that due to well-planned operation, the gangster did not offer resistance and leave the areas including Eidu Lane, Bhand Mohalla, Slaughter House, Bhangi Para, Punjabi Mohalla and Ali Mohammad Mohalla. The gangsters had had dug tunnels to escape and used heavy weapons besides looting valuables from vacant houses. As many as 350 personnel of police and rangers participated in the Lyari operation and restored peace in the area. Some eight suspects were arrested and are being interrogated. The first phase of the operation has been finished while police and rangers have set up pickets in the areas and started 24-hour patrolling. Police have weapons during operation including rocket launchers, guns, LMG, nine Kalashnikov and pistols besides five motorcycles.