LAHORE - Following the legal war sparked out between Parks and Horticulture Authority (PHA) and publicity companies over switching on and off the Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) screen, among six which were put off on the orders of then DCO Ijaz Ahmed couple of days back, three LCD screens  installed on The Mall, Jail Road and Main Boulevard have again been turned on making commuters vulnerable to impending traffic accidents . So far four publicity companies including Al-Rehman Company, Waleed Company, SS Company and Blaze Company have switched on the LCD screens after getting stay orders from civil courts despite the fact that such screens are installed against safety standards even on green belts in sheer violation of PHA rules and continue to distract the attention of riders of cars and motorists. It may be recalled that about 14 NOC were issued directly by former Chief Minister Punjab Ch. Pervaiz Elahi under the capacity of PHA chairman while 13 were issued by PHA six members committee including one representative each from TEPA, Traffic Police, Environment Department and Parks and Horticulture Authority while the two other members are Nayyar Ali Dada and the representative of Advertiser Association According to sources concerned both the parties, PHA and publicity companies are all set to present their fresh arguments during court hearing on Friday (today). Publicity companies have hired deputy attorney general to defend their case, sources informed. Insiders revealed that PHA had issued NOC to different publicity companies to install 26 LCD screens on The Mall, Canal road, Kalma Chowk, Defence Housing Authority, Jail Road, Park Lane, Gulberg and Cavalry Grounds. The publicity companies paid around Rs. 2.3 million as annual charges for each LCD screen on the 5 years lease agreement, they added  "So far nine LCD screens were installed on different busy junctions and roads in the city out of which six LCD screens remained operative for some days. They had to be switched off forthwith after eruption of strong sarcasm by the different quarters including traffic police and public over the definite hazardousness of LCD screens on the orders of then  DCO. The DCO slammed PHA for ignoring priority to the security and safety of the general public and preferring to collect revenue by installing LCD screens on busy junctions and roads. He said that the glare from the LCD screen and the advertisements not only distracted the attention of drivers but aesthetics of the city had been compromised by these large visually obstructive structures.  The DCO also showed concern over installation of diesel generators with these LCDs, which were polluting the environment with their smoke and noise. A number of commuters also raised objection to the installation of LCD screens The road commuters urged the government to immediately take action against the officials involved in giving approval of such a dangerous project. Then PHA Director General Raja Abbas constituted a committee to decide the fate of the LCD screens .Then TEPA chief Engineer Khushhal Khan was to head the committee. The committee would take stock of the visual effects of LCD screens on traffic. It would check the standards of public safety laid down while installing the LCD hoardings. The committee would also look into the law to know whether there is any provision to install them or not. The Committee would evaluate the junction's efficiency effected by LCD screens. It would also recommend the special sights for their installations. However before the committee could not proceed its works due to unavoidable reasons. After PHA new Director General Irfan Elahi took charge his office, he gave a complete presentation to CM Punjab Shahbaz Sharif about the burning issue. Later on, PHA hired the services of "R. Four" a consultancy company paying Rs. 3 million with the approval of C& W department to decide the fate of LCD screens. PHA DG told the Nation that the consultancy company was engaged in conducting the survey to determine the location and suitability of LCD screens. "It will evaluate their structural strength and effects on city landscape. The consultancy company will also devise the marketing viability and financial modals. It will prepare the blueprint to make legislation regarding installation of LCD screen," he addd. PHA DG said that the frame work carved out by the consultancy company would be put forth before the committee made by CM Punjab Shahbaz Sharif which included DG PHA Irfan Elahi, Kamil Khan Mumtaz (Architect), Nayyar Ali Dada (Architect), Prof. Nazish Attaullah (Principal, NCA), Ch. Muhammad Arshad (Eden Developers), Ms. Imrana Tiwana (Architect), Sajid Siddique (Representative of ABAD, Lahore Chapter, Ahmed Nawaz (Ex-Director Town Planning, PHATA), Dr. Nasir Javed, Project Director, Urban Unit, P & D department), Wasif Ali Khan (Architect), Seema Aziz (Executive Director, SEFAM Pvt. Lt), Imran Jaffery (President, Punjab Outdoor Advertising Association, Lahore) and Zahid-ur-Rehman (Secretary, Punjab Outdoor Advertising Association). PHA isn't the only organization that gave permission for LCD billboards: The Lahore Cantonment Board has also permitted the installation of these life-threatening billboards at the Walton Road/Cavalry Ground junction. It is pertinent to mention that LCD hoardings is very popular in all the developed countries of the world including USA, Europe and even in UAE and some countries of Middle East. The civic society of such modern countries has not raised any objection on the installation of such LCD hoardings because they consider it the latest technology and among the innovation and part of the development and a sophisticated method of advertising.