ISLAMABAD - Oil and Gas Development Corporation Limited (OGDCL) have found two containers buried in the compound of their workshop at Korangi, Karachi, says a Press Release issued here on Thursday by the Pakistan Nuclear Regulatory Authority (PNRA). From the appearance of these containers, they suspected some radioactive material in these containers and therefore informed the Regional Nuclear Safety Directorate of Pakistan Nuclear Regulatory Authority at Karachi. Inspectors of PNRA carried out a survey of the containers and the site. On initial investigations it was found that the radioactivity level detected was very low. The OGDCL staff informed that they did not have any record of these radioactive sources. Accordingly these sources are categorized as orphan radioactive sources. PNRA has started detailed investigations in this respect and efforts are being made to get these containers disposed of in a proper and safe manner. The stuff discovered by OGDCL was found inside their premises. OGDCL is a licensee of PNRA and is familiar with the radiation protection measures. The premises was not accessible to the pubic and the containers were buried underground. There is therefore no likelihood that any member of the public or the OGDCL staff received any radiation dose due to these radiation sources. It may be worth mentioning that PNRA launched a campaign in June, 2007 to create awareness in the public about the orphan sources by publishing advertisements in the print media. The prompt reporting of these orphan radioactive sources is an indication of the success of this campaign.