On June 27, the Capital Development Authority (CDA) announced its development budget of Rs. 19.36 billion for 2008-09. It must be more than the development budget of the entire province of Balochistan, excluding Gawadar port and related facilities. CDA claims self-generation in resources for development budget. In fact, the entire nation is being taxed since early 60s for lavish administrative expenditure and development of Islamabad. Billions are being spent on luxury projects in a few posh sectors. These include a signal-free grand road system with flyovers and a new state-of-the-art clubhouse and recreational facility launched in F-9 Public Park that is worth Rs. 5.7 billions. It is a misfortune of the poor majority that this concept of spending self-generated resources on the spot is not applicable to places like Sui, Tarbela, Chashma etc who have provided mineral or hydel resource of excellent earning potential but are still groaning under abject poverty. -RAJA M. AFZAL KHAN, Gujar Khan, June 30.