ISLAMABAD - Muslim saints have played an important role in spreading Islam in the sub-continent without using force and authority, said prominent scholar Professor Dr Sabir Ayub at book-launching ceremony here on Thursday. Professor Dr Ayub Sabir, who is working as Dean of Iqbaliaat in Pakistan Academy of Letters, was the chief guest on the occasion organised by Pakistan Circle of Sufis (Halka-e-Arbab-e-Tasawwaf). He said that the book "Sultan-ul-Mursileen Khawaja Moeen-ud-din Chishti Ajmeri", provides a deep insight to the life, practices and quotations of the great saint Hazrat Khawaja Moeen-ud-Din Chishti Ajmeri. The Chief Guest lauded the efforts of Kokab Iqbal Advocate who extended vital contribution in publishing the book. Dr Ayub Sabir also discussed the mystical and spiritual aspects of mysticism. "Those great saints have spread Islam here without force or authority. They believed in peace", he observed. Kokab Iqbal Advocate said that not only Muslim scholars but also the Western scholars have acknowledged the services of great saints in spreading Islam and the teachings of Quran. "Today, several prominent scholars of the West give due reverence to the teachings of Quran", he said. He described that the famous quotation of prominent Western scholar Dr Marrie Schmille is an acknowledgement of the profound teachings of Quran. The quotation says, "There's an apparent meaning of Quran and there's an inner meaning of Quran" Furthermore Kokab Iqbal said that the saints of Chishti discipline preached and practiced Islam in Indo-Pak terrain with peace and love. He lamented that the prominent scholars of today are critical towards others and have cherished differences against each other. He also criticized the role of Muslim Clergy and blamed the Maulanas for spreading violence and fanaticism.  "Religion can be spread by love and logic, not by force and authority", he noted. "My mission of life is to keep on publishing the books on great saints, I will carry on my mission till my entire life", he vowed. Kokab Iqbal urged the Muslim world not to use the phrase "Peace Be Upon Him"(PBUH) with the name of Holy Prophet. He elaborated that Peace Be Upon Him means may peace be bestowed upon the Prophet. "Holy Prophet is rehmatul-lil- A'alameen (A blessing to the entire mankind), he himself is peace, we need not use this phrase with his name", he pointed and suggested to replace the phrase PBUH with Rehmat-ul-li-A'alameen. It is pertinent to note that the ANP federal Minister Haji Ghulam Ahmed Balour was the scheduled chief guest for the book-launching ceremony, but due to the demise of his mother he had to go to Peshawar to attend funeral ceremonies.