The Mohlanwal water contamination problem highlighted by a TV channel should evoke a lightening response in other areas of Lahore too. The quick action by an officer of local government saved the day here. He visited the area within a few minutes of the report being aired and started the process of redressing the problems. A hundred other Mohlanwals are taking place all around the city, nay the whole country. Nobody cares. A jewel of Lahore once, the City Canal, has lately become an eyesore. It is a stinking cesspool because of the callous indifference of authorities. The culprits, in this case, are about two dozen sewerage pipes spewing untreated sewage 24 hours a day into it. Thousands of summer-struck Lahoris have no choice but to cool down in the hepatitis-laden, poisonous waters of this canal to beat the heat. Nazim Lahore's personal business, that is several of his colleges, lie on both sides of this canal, but he doesn't seem to take notice. I would like to invite him to take a long drive (with the windows of his car open) from Bedian to Thokar Niazbeg when the canal is closed. -HUSSAIN RIAZ, Lahore, via e-mail, July 1.