Pakistan ambassador in Libya Jamil Ahmad Khan on Saturday instituted an inquiry into the issue of human smuggling from Pakistan to Libya by some unscrupulous private recruitment agents. Taking action on a news report by a television channel, the Ambassador formulated a two-member committee to visit the cities of Saba and Buraq Shati, located some 800 km from Tripoli to find the evidence and take legal action against the licensed recruitment agents in Pakistan involved in human smuggling. The Ambassador also recommended to the Ministry of Labour and Manpower to cancel the licenses of such agents and register a case against the proprietors of the firms, says a message received here from Tripoli. Ambassador Jamil Khan reiterated that such culprits, if not punished would impede the steps taken by the leaders of Pakistan and Libya for enhancing relations between the two countries and genuine promotion of export of human resources. He also appealed to the Pakistani community in Libya to identify the human smugglers if spotted in Libya pursuing their notorious activities.