RAWALPINDI (PPI/APP) - Motorists are facing various hardships due to digging of road for laying down drainage lines at Kurri Road and Dhoak Ali Akbar Road. This digging work is continued for about one week and the residents of the said area are witnessing hardships because of laying of drainage line by Water and Sanitation Agency (WASA). Talking to this news agency, Samad Khan said 'We have to use main Islamabad Highway due to on- going pipeline laying work as it was difficult to wait till hours in the sizzling heat while queues of vehicle are always witnessed. He said if the digging work could have completed before construction of the road, the residents might not experience such kind of hardships. Abdul Samee, a government employee said he was also facing problems of either standing in lines or using another route saying that too was not feasible for him in terms of consumption of fuel as well as time. Also, the commuters of the twin-cities of Rawalpindi and Islamabad are facing problems owing to lack of a reliable public transport system and traffic jams. The most vulnerable are the government servants who have to regularly travel to their offices during peak hours. Huge rush of people on bus stops, hurriedly trying to board the vehicles has become a routine matter for them . Imtiaz, a resident of Rawalpindi said that the attitude of the van conductors has always been harsh, but the most serious problem is that there is no schedule for public transportation. Drivers park their vehicles at bus stops waiting for passengers, even though passengers may be expressing anger because they are getting late, he added. Afzal Khan, a government employee said, traffic jams in the twin cities of Islamabad and Rawalpindi during busy hours happen more frequently thus creating problems for commuters. Flow of traffic often turns chaotic with everyone rushing to approach his destination in time, much to the discomfort of others, he added. He said a lot of time of employees is lost while travelling to and from the twin cities, besides giving rise to environmental hazards. With the traffic having increased manifold, the entire stretch of the road from Zero Point right up to the Rawat Toll Plaza is a free-for-all with motorists paying little heed to rules and regulations. An official of ITP said that they were focusing not only on enforcement but also on education. There has been some improvement in this regard, however it will require more time, he said.