I beg to draw the attention of the concerned authorities towards the increasing pollution of the river and canal waters. The River Ravi is neat and clean towards the borders with India but as soon as it enters into the territory of Pakistan, it becomes filthy and polluted. The people throw garbage and drain water into the river. Similarly, the canal flowing through the Lahore city is being used as a disposal place. One common phenomenon seen these days is that some vendors are found selling the pieces of beef, lungs, liver etc to the vehicular passing by for "sadqua". The people buy the shoppers containing the beef, circulate it around their heads and throw into the canal for the eagles and crows to eat. Towards the Moghulpura, the adjoining societies have also connected their drain pipes into the canal. I don't know how the people of Lahore enjoy swimming into this filthy and rubbish canal. I often get an opportunity to go to the Upper Chenab canal located some 20 kilometers on the Lahore-Jaranwala Road. The polluted water of the adjoining village Sharaqpur has been managed to be thrown into the canal. Some factories located nearby are also using the canal for the same purpose. It results in the elimination of the water species (fish) and water fowls. I would say same is the case with rivers across Pakistan. I have also seen Indus river near Kotri in the same position. The concerned authorities must save the river and canal waters of our country. Would the people like to make it their responsibility as well?.-SH. MUHAMMAD FAROOQ, Lahore, via e-mail, July 5.