Sikander Shaheen The government appears to be totally unmindful of the complexities and requirements of the present day world. The appointment of a DMG officer replacing a career diplomat in a country like France is a blunder because this discourages expertise and professionalism at the cost of accommodating some individuals possessing "few trades." A senior diplomat has rightly written in The Nation that "amazing things are happening in our country" - providing proof of bad priorities, bad options and bad governance. The intriguing part is that to justify the unjust posting, a fiction has been invented that the French President Sarkozy has inquired about Dr Jehanzeb during President Zardari's visit to France. Earlier the government dropped a bombshell on professional taxation groups by appointing a junior DMG officer as chairman FBR. Further they tore apart the FBR by giving the post of Revenue Division to another DMG officer who has been made secretary Revenue Division, just because previously he had been working as the chief secretary and finance secretary in the Punjab Government. Many years of efforts for consolidating Federal Board of Revenue have been squandered just to accommodate "competent" master of none, in this age of specialisation and technical expertise. In the present age of complex technicalities and professionalism, DMG as service has become irrelevant and redundant and its position has become a "matriculate among the postgraduates" in various fields. The DMG officers must shed their ambition to overstretch their area of jurisdiction and concentrate on improving the system of land revenue (their basic department of expertise), which is not only rampant with corruption but which has become quite obsolete. Unfortunately, the DMG's have not shown any talent in their own area of expertise. Instead they make the successive governments believe that nothing has changed since independence. Hence, same old system of CSP (present DMG) should be revived as a magic solution for all ills. Such an attitude sponsored by government has already eroded the stability of the state institutions and shattered the confidence of the officers in various sectors. The writer is a freelance columnist