The world might have changed, but Pakistan continues to be a haven for those involved in financial scams, worth billions of rupees. Political and military governments have publicized the involvement of their potential opponents to score points, but not a single high profile criminal involved in a major financial scam has ever been caught. It is very clear that this is not in the agenda of any government, since they do not want to set a precedent for such accountability, for fear that this practice may hound them. Pakistan suffers because no government has the political will, or agenda to eliminate corruption, during their respective tenures. People who matter have their foreign bank accounts intact. Men like Hamesh Khan managed to get out, in spite of his name being on ECL, because of the corruption that prevails in our state machinery. The former chairman of Punjab Bank Board of Directors has been given a key position in Islamabad by the present regime. Such men come handy for those who want to make hay while the sun shines. As long as the state is not purged of rampant corruption, Pakistan's future is very bleak. The remedy lies in eliminating corruption from the top most echelons of our ruling establishment. -GULZAMAN KHAN, Mardan, via e-mail, July 5.