Doctors are back in the hospitals but after the Lahore high Court had ordered them to resume duty. The LHC asked the provincial government what it was doing to devise a new service structure. But the hearings had the overtone of regret at the loss of life on account of the protests. Hence the court told the doctors to go back and save lives. To prevent such a standoff from happening again, it placed a ban on the strike. As the striking doctors return, new ones on ad hoc basis are in service, while more recruitments are underway, which should now be seen as a move to strengthen the healthcare system, since already a need for more doctors was being felt.

The medical practitioners are urged to act like Messiahs they are supposed to be. The Punjab government would also have to reassess its response and realise how it might have prevented things from going haywire. It hit back a bit too strongly amid claims by doctors that it had reneged on the promise of a salary raise. Their one grouse was that their salaries had not been raised as promised and later advertised by the government and kept saying that they were asking for only what had been advertised. It is quite worrisome that these matters could not be resolved. It is now in the fitness of things to take measures to remove the genuine grievances of the medical community, as the LHC has hoped.