A large part of our population lives in rural areas. But when it comes to health facilities, these people are at the receiving end of the medical community’s double standards. Most of the doctors for instance prefer a life in a city to that of a village. Hence dearth of doctors is one of the reasons why epidemics are so often in rural areas. There is a dire need to change the prevailing culture amongst the medical community so to speak; serving in the villages must be made a part of every doctor’s duty just like other government servants go out in far flung areas.

In fact belittling what the noble profession stands is not the intention. What is pinching is to see all the patients going without treatment and ultimately dying. Though examples of altruistic doctors sacrificing monetary concerns abound in our history, one of which is Mayo brothers, these ethics appear in short supply within the doctors of today particularly those belonging to the Young Doctors Association. These doctors have been rightly censured by the Lahore High Court that ordered them to end their strike. What has happened to society’s morals? 

Maria Ali,

Lahore, July 10.