The Supreme Court is once again displaying serious displeasure with the FC for overstepping its limits in Balochistan. The court had ample reason to complain. With citizens arbitrarily picked up and later their disfigured bodies dumped, this has become a sad tradition timed with each hearing of the missing persons’ proceedings. The Chief Justice Iftikhar Chaudhry’s observation gave the impression that the timing seemed motivated to intimidate and discourage the judges from hearing the case. The court, however, softened its criticism by noting that it was only the errant elements within it that were bringing the FC’s name into disrepute. The court warned the FC, different intelligence outfits and the provincial government to recover and present the missing persons.

It seems the Supreme Court’s consistent upbraiding of the agencies, provincial government, and particularly the FC has shocked them; they are not used to any, let alone such harsh criticism and checks. They were calling the shots to the detriment of peoples’ liberty. Their monopoly must end if lasting peace is to be restored. The way that the Supreme Court has shown should be followed. Clipping wings of the FC will serve to fulfil one of the major demands of the disgruntled Baloch.