Under Sarhad Rural Support Programme, 16 dug wells have been made functional in different areas of Chitral.

The dug wells were functionlised in Panjkoti, Hone, Shyaqotak, Moldeh, DHQ Hospital, Balach, Faizabad, Singor Chitral Airport for provision of potable water. One well was completed at Orghuch village whose residents had been suffering shortage of water earlier.

SRSP district manager Tariq Ahmad talking to Chitral Union of Journalists said that a sum of over Rs5 million had been spent on the projects. These well were constructed under the Programme for Economic Advancement & Community Empowerment funded by European Union.

A local beneficiary said that there had been shortage of water but now the facility was available at local level. A large number of people were seen queuing up in front of the well to get water in buckets and water coolers. Social and political circle of Chitral thanked Shahzada Masoodul Mulk, the chief executive officer of SRSP, for constructing these wells.