LAHORE - Speakers at Hameed Nizami Press Institute of Pakistan said that agitation is right of people in the civilised societies. The West exercised this right many a time in the recent past when the US attacked Iraq and drone attacks became fate of Afghanistan, they added.

They expressed these views at a seminar on “Right of protest and imperatives of national pride” on Thursday at Hameed Nizami Press Institute Auditorium,

Majid Nizami Road, near China Chowk. PTI Punjab President Ejaz Ahmad Ch presided over the seminar while and senior journalist Dilawar Chawdhry and Secretary Information JI Punjab Farooq Chohan were speakers. HNPIP Director Absar Abdul Ali was the moderator.

All the speakers condemned the Model Town tragedy that claimed over a dozen lives. Ejaz Ch said that Muslim countries had been undergoing divide and rule, may it be Iraq or other regions. He said the rigged elections forced the political party to give a call of agitation.

“We voiced at every level but no institution responded positively,” he said. He said it was people’s right to conduct long marches as Nawaz himself did in past.

The purpose of the long march, he stressed, was not to derail the government. The rulers need not to fear the call as it was just a reminder to the rulers to mend their ways. The PTI will continue its struggle till the resolution of people problems and rule of law in the country, he added.

Dilawar Ch said that French Revolution was an example of its own in history. He said that creation of Pakistan was also a revolutionary step in the history but the civil and military establishments worked for their own agenda that derailed the country.

Citing Mao Tse-tung revolution in China, he said, the charismatic personality of leaders lead to revolutions but here in the third world countries the poor policies invite agitations from people. “When all the decisions are made in the kitchen cabinet who would resolve the problems the people face at large,” he asked.

Farooq Chohan said that operation in Wazirastan was not in national interest rather it was a result of failed foreign policy that imported others war into the borders of country.