KARACHI - Businessmen Group (BMG) chairman Siraj Kassam Teli and KCCI president Abdullah Zaki apprised Prime Minister Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif about rising lawlessness in Karachi and the inability of law enforcing agencies to restore peace in Karachi.

During a meeting with Prime Minister on his visit to Karachi on Thursday, Siraj Kassam Teli and Abdullah Zaki presented a letter to Prime Minister along with a copy of resolution duly signed by six town associations of Karachi in which the entire business community of Karachi city demands army’s deployment and shutdown of all prepaid SIMs with a view to effectively deal with poor law and order situation.

Chairmen of six town associations, who are signatories of the resolution, were also present at the meeting. They all endorsed KCCI’s demands to deploy army in Karachi and shutdown all prepaid SIMs.  Siraj Teli and Abdullah Zaki, while expressing sheer disappointment over poor performance of law enforcing agencies, said that the operation by Police and Rangers against criminals to improve the law and order situation of Karachi has lost its effectiveness and the incidents of criminal activities such as kidnapping for ransom, extortions, street crimes, target killings have risen and are not controllable by them anymore.

They requested the Prime Minister to order army’s deployment under the Constitution in aid of provincial government. Deployment of Army in Karachi has become inevitable due to expected repercussions of Zarb-e-Azb Operation as has been done in Islamabad, Multan and other cities whereas Karachi is more vulnerable. They further urged Prime Minister to issue strict directives for complete shutdown of all prepaid SIMs as criminals are using illegal prepaid SIMs to carry out their activities.

Over 70 per cent of crimes of all kind take place using mobile phones with prepaid SIMs and the only solution is to shut down all the prepaid SIMs in one go and get them reissued to their postal addresses through courier service as per CNIC already provided which will automatically get rid of all such SIMs issued illegally on fake CNICs.  Other measures such as biometric etc. are for issuance of new SIMs, at present it is important to get rid of those already illegally issued SIMs which are in circulation and this process will hardly take 2-3 days, they added.

Siraj Teli and Abdullah Zaki hoped that being a democratically elected Prime Minister for the 3rd time and as an Industrialist, the Prime Minister would pay heed to business community’s request by ordering immediate action on these two issues.