Angelina Jolie has discussed the deep connection she feels with other campaigners.

While her latest movie, Maleficent, is taking the world by storm, the 39-year-old chooses to spend her free time with female activists and listen to their stories as opposed to hanging out with her A-list pals.

Angelina embraces the camaraderie she finds with her fellow campaigners when she is not busy filming. ‘We care for each other - and for each other’s children. It is a profound source of joy and inspiration,’ Brad Pitt’s fiancée told writer and pal Mariane Pearl for the August issue of Glamour.

The actress sobbed as women gave testimonies about rape during war at the Global Summit to End Sexual Violence in Conflict which was held in London. She co-chaired the event as part of her role as Special Envoy for the UN High Commissioner for Refugees

The mother of six posed for a photograph with dedicated campaigners from across the globe for Glamour’s Women column The Guardian Angels. Accompanied by her husband-to-be, Angelina was clearly touched by the honesty of the victims. ‘Everywhere I went, rape was the silent killer. It became quickly clear to me that these women were not just the collateral damage of war,’ she admitted.

‘Rape was a strategic, organised scheme to destroy entire communities.’ The summit is a step forward in the right direction and more than 200 experts came together to write an international protocol. It has been designed to bring rapists to justice and support victims. Written by both genders, Angelina is backing the document and hopes it brings about change.  ‘This is not a woman problem. It’s a crime against humanity,’ she said.