Jamaatud Dawa Ameer Hafiz Muhammad Saeed said that India was promoting and patronising anti-Pakistan movements and activities in Afghanistan.

Addressing the party activists, he said that the anti-Pakistan powers and lobbies were bringing the Indian forces in Afghanistan in replacement with the US forces. He added that the presence of Indian forces in Afghanistan could be a very big danger to Pakistan.

He added that the US and its allies were considering Pakistan forces as the major cause of their defeat in Afghanistan due to which the allied countries were also conspiring against Pakistan besides paving the way of bringing Indian armed forces in Afghanistan against Pakistan. he feared that the Indian forces role in Afghanistan could be a great threat to integrity, solemnity, peace and prosperity of Pakistan.

He said that the terrorism was causing severe loss to the nation. He vowed to continue a nationwide move for protection of the ideology of Pakistan.

Saeed stressed a need for promoting national unity and discipline in the country to curb global anti-Islam and anti-Pakistan. He urged the Muslim Ummah to be united and shun their sectarian differences in the larger national interest. He said that Islam had presented a global system of foolproof security and peace. He added that the terrorists have no religion, as every religion of the world gives the lessons of love and peace and respect of the humanity. He added that the present wave of terrorism was a conspiracy against the Muslim Ummah.

He also urged the Ulema to play their role in promoting religious harmony and brotherhood in the society. He said that it was the demand of the day to forge unity. He narrated that sectarian harmony and unity among the ranks of the Muslims was the need of the hour.

GOODS’ PRICES MONITORED: Punjab Minister for Minerals Sher Ali claimed that prices of commodities were coming down due to tight monitoring at Ramazan bazaars by the government officials.

He said that Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif had approved a special subsidy of Rs5 billion for public in a bid to ensure maximum financial relief to the masses through provision of quality commodities at these bazaars across the Punjab.

He was talking to newsmen at the office of Assistant Commissioner Daska after visiting the bazaars at Sialkot and Daska. He inspected the quality, standard and prices of the daily-use commodities being sold at “subsidised” rates for providing maximum relief to the common people. He revealed that the special monitoring teams had been checking the quality, quantity and prices of goods.

On the occasion, MNA Iftikharul Hassan Shah directed for provision of quality goods especially vegetables and fruit, and controlling of prices. Sialkot DCO Iftikhar Ali Sahu told the provincial minister that the district administration had established eight bazaars and 42 fair price shops in Sialkot, Daska, Sambrial and Pasrur tehsils.